160 161 Voting in metropolitan France (as well as the French overseas departments and territories of Mayotte, New Caledonia, Réunion and Wallis and Futuna, and French diplomatic missions outside the Americas ) took place on 23 April from 08:00 to 19:00 or 20:00 (local time).
148 On 20 February, investigators raided the FN's headquarters in Nanterre for a second time in connection to the case; 150 though Le Pen was summoned to appear before judges on 22 February in the Griset case, she refused to do so until after the.
Archived from the original on Retrieved "Furieux contre TF1, Dupont-Aignan quitte en direct le plateau du JT"."Valls choisit Macron, quitte à faire imploser le Parti socialiste".195 The official campaign ended at midnight on 5 May.Note that tabs are only present for current and prior years.140 The talks failed in part because of the candidates' differing positions on matters related to the European Union (EU European Central Bank (ECB EU treaties, European defense, and the obligation to maintain a budget deficit below 3 of GDP, among other divergences.103 On 26 January, François Fillon appeared on TF1 to respond to these allegations, stating that his wife had "edited my speeches" and "stood in for me at events when I couldnt be there also claiming that the reason that she was never seen working.49 The High Authority ultimately determined that seven candidates qualified to compete in the open primary of the right and centre: Fillon, Juppé, Le Maire, Copé, Sarkozy, and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet of the Republicans, 51 the party's name after May 2015, 52 as well as Jean-Frédéric.Archived from the original on 10 February 2017.A propos de son mari : "Je n'ai jamais été son assistante, ou quoi que ce soit de ce genre-là affirmait Penelope Fillon en mai 2007".Sébastien Tronche (7 November 2016).Conseil constitutionnel présidentielle 2017.61 After several strong debate performances by Fillon, however, a second-round JuppéSarkozy duel no longer appeared inevitable.
His announcement reflected his high personal unpopularity and resentment among Socialist colleagues regarding remarks he made about cabinet members and other associates in the book Un président ne devrait pas dire.
127 The same day, Le Canard enchaîné revealed that Fillon had failed to declare to the hatvp a 50,000 loan from Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, president of the Revue des deux Mondes.
Like Jadot, she represented the radical wing of the party albeit on its gioco della roulette gratis online americana left flank and served as deputy for Drôme from 1997 to 2002 and led Greenpeace France from 2003 to 2004.
Archived from the original on Retrieved rnaud Forcraud; Gaël Vaillant.
42 The HamonJadot alliance was consummated on 26 February; among those who cast a vote,.53 voted to support it, with.39 opposed and.08 submitting blank ballots, and an overall voter turnout.25 (9,433 votes).Retrieved "Jean-Luc Mélenchon «ne votera pas FN» mais ne donne pas de consigne de vote".He became famous for a successful 39-day hunger strike protesting the movement of the Total factory from Accous to the Lacq basin 65 km (40 mi) away."Présidentielle : voici comment bfmtv et CNews vont faire débattre les onze candidats le 4 avril".Retrieved b Bastien Bonnefous.While acknowledging that Hamon was the legitimate PS nominee, de Rugy said he preferred "coherence to obedience".54 Second-round results by department François Fillon Alain Juppé The primary was initially fought primarily between Juppé and Sarkozy, the top two candidates in primary polls.Retrieved 22 February 2017.Archived from the original on Retrieved "Les réactions au débat du 4 avril entre les candidats à l'élection présidentielle" (PDF).As under prior law, a taxpayer is required to claim bonus depreciation unless it elects out.Archived from the original on Retrieved rthur Berdah.Retrieved 23 February 2017.Archived from the original on 25 February 2017.(201617) Minister of the Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs (201416) The youngest candidate in the race and a former economy minister who had never run for elected office, Macron described himself as "neither of the right nor the left".