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2 Religion 51,8 vo dr Yywooner sin, 21,2 sin (Stand 2000).
16 Of the working population,.5 used public transportation to get to work, and.8 used a private car.9 Religion edit From the 2000 census, 18.2 were Roman Catholic, while 44.8 belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church.Provence (frankoprovenzalisch a provs) isch e bolitischi Gmai im Bezirk Jura-Nord vaudois im Kanton Waadt, Schwyz.139176 Arnex-sur-Orbe (frankoprovenzalisch arne) isch e bolitischi Gmai im Bezirk Jura-Nord vaudois im Kanton Waadt, Schwyz.3, geography edit, mauborget has an area, as of 2009,.51 square kilometers (2.13 sq mi).
2004 is a leap year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar.
4, the municipality was part of the.
2 Sproch un Dialäkt Bi dr Volkszellig 2000 hän vu dr 85 Yywohner 92,9 as Hauptsproch aagee, 4,7 un 2,4 anderi Sproche.
The twenty-six cantons of Switzerland are the states of the federal state of Switzerland.
There were 2 (or about.35 of the population) who were Islamic.
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8 Over the last 10 years (19992009 ) the population has changed at a rate of -1.2.The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 3, all of which were in a hotel or restaurant.Fiez (frankoprovenzalisch a fi) isch e bolitischi Gmai im Bezirk Jura-Nord vaudois im Kanton Waadt, Schwyz.Wirtschaft D Arbetslosigkait isch anne 2011 bi 6,0 gläge.Basic Definition In geography, the elevation of a geographic location is its height above mean sea level (or some other fixed point).10 Of the population in the municipality 23 or about.1 were born in Mauborget and lived there in 2000.The metre, or meter (symbol: m) is the SI base unit of length.In: Hans Bickel, Robert Schläpfer (Hg.Of the single-family homes 4 were built before 1919, while 7 were built between 19The greatest number of single-family homes (22) were built between 19The most multi-family homes (2) were built between 19the next most (1) were built before 1919.10 In 2008 there was 1 live birth to Swiss citizens and 1 birth to non-Swiss citizens, and in same time span there was 1 death of a Swiss citizen.9 There were 14 households that consist of only one person puoi vincere un iphone and 3 households with five or more people.Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens remained the same while the foreign population increased.

This represents a population growth rate.5.
Of the agricultural land,.0 is used for growing crops and.2 is pastures and.3 is used for alpine pastures.
Jura, with an elevation of 1,170 m (3,840 ft).