This tournament is cancerous 1hr delay between maps 19:30 Ago sucks on Vtg but we havent seen x-com playing it so I feel like Ago will win.
Fucking clown :53 Ago throwing.
When is match i very very boring and tired.
NT 4276, date, nD 034, result.17:06 poor matchfix with those pauses 17:08, oT and poorlacks cs more rounds nore money ahhahahahah 17:.5 they run still for handicap 17:11 xd voorland nice country # 17:19 See How ago loses 2-1 now bcs low price money anyway and xkom has.NT 4275, date, nD 033, result.Final maps d-04-28 13:38 why they kicked stomp?Disband AGO 20: :09 they cashed at wesg, now they dont care, another year, same ago xD low polish mentality 20:47 Login or register to add your comment to the discussion.15:02, ago banned Nuke Xkom banned Vertigo Ago picked Train Xkom picked Mirage Ago banned Inferno Xkom banned dust2 Overpass left 15:16 only question is ago throw or no 15:35 quick 2-0 for ago then 2-0 in terreno edificabile macerata campania a final against dv1 15:36, kiedy match kurcze?19:31 send me ur adres homie 19:36 fucking poorland shit eaters AGO kill YOU self 19:39 Ago what are you doing?Fuck cloud9, i still dont understand how 19:52 I was confident of winning 2 0 cloud9.15-10 as CT 5 match points and lost the game vs intz who playing with yayster!So obvious throw after clean 2-0 yesterday 19:45 first 16-0 on vertigo 19:46 ago is such a trash team 19:46 they became trash since kraper joined 19:51 ago 16-0 fnatic xkom 16-0 ago :D 19:48 idk i think im more unlucky than wrong_choice guy this.Maybe soon match start?Sunday, bonus, joker: 138296, match, winners, prize per winner, paid Out 6 0 804.984,49 0,.685,36 0,.032,00 120.744,00 4 bonus 240 150,90.216,00.220 38,50 200.970,00 3 bonus.348 14,20.141,60.619 4,60 361.647,40 0 bonus 217.840 1,20 261.408,00.Clowns, that deserves be kicked in face IRL for throws 18:52 /CuriousAnnoyingBurritoSq.12:52 now ago 2-0,and ago in final 2-0 make my words!19:31 they played 2 maps in 5 hours.It hopeless 20:01 ez #64, Ago afraid taz 20:06 verreckt ihr Bastard Nachgeburten 20:06 typical AGO, szpero 4 bots.
Perestavil na x com.
On 13-13 xcom got better odds on themselves, than on ago, which they take on 13-7 17: :03, omg polish lotto polish piece of shit scum bag not lotto 17:06, hahahahaha 15-15 guys my polish friends do you trust to this?
I woudlnt bet on this game but on vitalty and furia but.
19:41 ago mysor syka ebanii!
Postavil na xcom na vertigo, blyat nu neujeli eto prosto pizda.
Tir :44 stavil snachana na train ago proebivali.Total: 308.384 winners.071.127,00, lotto plus Match Winners Prize per winner Paid Out 6 0 0,00 0,.541,00 300.985,00.188 23,30.980,40.182 2,00.364,00 Total:.455 winners 426.329,40 Lotto 6 aus 45 Results History.Vjebal 15k, postavil na ago na overpass opyat proebal.ZZ 00, sZ 05, spiel.One vs ago Ago 10:44 will it be earlier because the other game was only two maps?Hahahahhah 19:12 why they not starting?Ne darom govoryat bog lubit troicy 19:52 #67 Can someone just kick their asses after this match?15:40, aGO 2-0 even tho kaper is terrible and probably the woest player on the server 15:51.ZZ 00, sZ 01, spiel.NT 4274, date, nD 032, result.Ofc 2-0 with this odds nobody bet on polish scum guys never play lotto same rigged shit :D 15:59, so funny how this polish scum dogs suck tussian dick on any cis shit event but after few they ago play like a pro on polish.More maps more money, trust me 18:16 xkom got this overpass 18:28 kick this kraper already 18:29 15 and pause, pause pause go go 2-1 x-com 18: pause :40 AGO Again lose Overpass kaper and phr suck again nothing new 18:51 so AGO lose now.Vs Oscar Cheater sponsored lotto anti banned 19:52 free money yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo 19:52 13-0 polet normalniy 19:54 At least we learn something today, no more bets on retard polish teams 19: 13 - 16 ez 19:55 If they somehow comeback this, I will eat a shoe.Ergebnisse der Ziehung: Austria Lotto.04.2018 Sunday.

'DOK' verfolgte Philipp in einer Projektwoche, welche den Schülern und Schülerinnen zahlreiche Aktivitäten und Wettkämpfe bot unter dem Motto 'Mut tut gut Mut, um auch zum Anderssein zu stehen; Mut, um mit anderen Mitschülern über das Hänseln und Foppen zu diskutieren; Mut, um sich.
'49 TM 9-1374 Change 1: 90mm Guns M3/M3A1/M3A2; Gun Mounts M4/M4A1, Combination Gun Mounts M67/M67A1/M73 gor Combat Vehicles; Ordnance Maintenance, May '51 TM P: Org/DS/GS, Launcher, Tubular, Guided Missile M220E3 (June '83 includes Charger, Battery PP-4884 A/T, Mounting Kits Power Conditioner Assy.
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