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In case the product arrives to the Customer in a state of damaging provoked from the shipment, the 2R group SRL does not assume no responsibility in merit, as packings from it carried out re-enters in the dispositions previewed from the express courier.71,80 Disponibilità 64,90 Sped.Le taglie riportate nelle successive tabelle sono indicative.Closure, lace Up, lining, textile, eU Shoe Size, eUR.In the event nr procedura 1416 2010 lotto 1 in which the present article in your invoice purchase is not more available, you will be contacted by us that we will engage ourselves to emit a credit note poured on your checking account or pay-pal or other.Textile, year 2018, colour, grey, shoe Height, low Top.Purchase conditions All the purchases carried out from our site are subject to the discipline of the.lgs.185 of the in contract matter at a distance.Taglia Età ( anni ) Altezza indicativa ( cm - fino a ) XXS 3 98 XS 4 104 S 5 110 M 6 116 L 7 122 XL 8 128 Calzature Le taglie nella tabella si riferiscono a taglie generiche e non specifiche.The opening of the confection will be concurred, as indispensable, in the single hypothesis in which the pack does not concur the verification of the product ordered regarding that one delivered.Le sue caratteristiche rimandano agli anni '80, perché riprende la scarpa realizzata per Orlando Pizzolato, che proprio in quegli anni vinceva la Maratona di New York.Such demand will have to preview the express consent of the holder and it could not be thought tacitly granted.E' dotata di una tomaia in mesh di nylon, con ampi inserti in pelle scamosciata a rinforzarla e renderla più supportiva.Vanta importanti collaborazioni con sportivi di primo piano.196/2003, therefore, we supply you the following information: for the service offered by us we do not deal judicial and/or sensitive information (that is given suitable to reveal the state of health, the convictions political, trade-union, religious, philosophical or of other kind).Based on the indicated norm, such treatment will be imprinted to the principles of correctness transparency and protects of your rights your confidentiality.Spalle, misura la larghezza delle spalle facendo scorrere il centimetro in corrispondenza delle due estremità nel punto più ampio.
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Per prendere la misura, determina a gamba dritta la lunghezza dai fianchi fino alla pianta del piede.
Taglia Taglia italiana Taglia numeri romani Camicie ( collo ) (cm) Spalle (cm) Busto (cm) XXS 42 I XS 44 II S 46 III M 48 IV L 50 V XL 52 VI XXL 54 VII XL 56 viii XL 58 IX Parte inferiore (.
Taglia Taglia italiana Taglia numeri romani Busto (cm) XXS XS 38 I 43-45 S 40 II 45-47 M 42 III 47-49 L 44 IV 49-51 XL 46 V 51-53 XXL 48 VI 53-55 3XL 50 VII 55-57 4XL 52 viii 57-59 Parte inferiore Le taglie.
All the data demands are required and/or necessary for contractual requirements.Le stringhe sono a sezione piatta, come si usava all'epoca, l'intersuola realizzata con una mescola certo non all'ultimo grido e non leggerissima ma efficace e molto durevole.Mondopoint Taglia EUR 52 Donna Parte superiore Le taglie nella tabella si riferiscono a taglie generiche e non specifiche di relativi brands.Accedi, andamento prezzi, grafico non disponibile 59,90, sped.According to of art.The procedure can be activated within 7 solar days from the delivery date of the goods, the activation of the service could be carried out by an email with object " wrong shipment" to our address email.Lotto Sneakers Leggenda Tokyo Shibuya Marrone-Giallo T0842 - 41, Marrone 76,30 * : Controlla su -61, lotto Leggenda, Donna, Tokyo Shibuya, Suede/Nylon, Sneakers, Grigio, 36 EU 48,90 * 125,00* : Controlla su -37, lotto Tokyo Shibuya, Sneaker, Uomo, Multicolore (Cement/Opl Gry 46 69,00 * 110,00* : Controlla su, lotto Sneakers Leggenda.Selling prices All the prices indicated in the catalogue on-linens of 2R group SRL are from agreeing VAT included.Guarantee on the products In the event the product spots have fabrication defects as an example (which, out of order buttons or hinges, badly made seams 2R group SRL is obliged to apply the same conditions previewed from the norm of the recess right.Taglia cm pollici X L 100.5 105.5 XXL 120.5 3XL Guanti Le taglie nella tabella si riferiscono a taglie generiche e non specifiche di relativi brands.Età ( mesi ) Taglia Lunghezza piede ( cm - fino a ) EUR.5 0 -.5 1 -.5 10,.5 0 -.5 1 -.5 10,.5 2-.5 3 -.5 11,.5 3 -.5 4 -.5 11,.,.,.5.

Lunghezza della mano Misura dalla punta del dito medio fino al polso.
The article will have to be readdressed in the state in which it has been delivered, therefore without written signs and of some type on the confection and without that or be in some open or used way; using a box rigid and an appropriate.
The payment of the price and relative shipment expenses, that they are borne by the consumer, could be carried out from the consumer by means of the modalities indicated in general conditions of sale.