Pletcher sends out a pair of firsters and.
Those winners were noted with a question mark, since it was a recollection rather than a concrete memory.
Bobby Bridger and the Flatlanders were probably the best two acts I heard.
Of course there were possible spelling errors in the programs.Current point rating period is from December 1, 2005 thru May 31, 2006. .Flatlanders - sistemi per 10 e lotto ogni 5 minuti (no hometown listed, but it must have been Lubbock TX - no date listed) note: The Flatlanders just showed.From the photostated copy of the lineup from Rod's files, it looks like 18 per day for three days!Our professional sports bookmaking operation arranges wagers on professional football games and more, and it provides the resources to enjoy the game and your winnings.
Those flagged as winners are based on some of the performers recollections.
My wife, Jerrie Jo, worked in Eddie's mother's day-care when she was in high school.
Weir - Houston TX Lee Zebert - Austin TX Catesby Jones - Kingsville TX (winner) Lisa Williams - Wichita Falls TX Michael Tomlinson - Austin TX Charlie Stefl - Bowling Green KY Harper Black - Kerrville TX Steve Cearley - Austin TX Chris Hedges.
The hometown of each finalist is missing on some entries but a zip code is given instead.
Jerrie Jo started singing at a pizza parlor on the drag in Austin after we married (way too young!).
Glenn later performed as Glen Alyn.
Louis MO Dave Potts - Auburn AL Kerri Powers - Franklin MA Steve Chizmadia - Manhasset NY Jason Spooner - Portland ME Vicki Chew - Cleveland OH Foscoe Jones - Austin TX Julianna Waters Barry Crannell - Portland OR Larry Kenneth Potts - Petaluma.This card can be used in both slot and tote machines. .Wagering WIN: 2 to win at 9-2 or better.Kerrville Folk Festival, new Folk Finalist History, nEW project!If you have programs for any of the early years (72-76) and don't want to go to the trouble of typing them in, or don't have access to a scanner, please let me know.The casino has recently added new progressive slot machines with jackpots over 1,000,000.Nunn, Don Sanders 1977 Friday May 27 Bill Oliver - Austin TX Tom Ward - Fort Worth TX Earl Beaty - Austin TX Shelley McIntyre - Houston TX (winner) Lynn Dowd - Dallas TX Janet Bratter - Austin TX Reb Smith - Houston TX Jennifer.Austin TX - 5/22 Doug?(3) 1987 Kathy Korniloff was listed on the program, but according to a reliable source, Laurie Freelove was the songwriter of the entered songs.

Rupert Wates - New York,.