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Driv3R reference in Madd Dogg's Rhymes mission Just before you sneak past Madd Dogg, he will say "Tanner you suck!
Take out sac a dos avec roulettes voyage a sniper rifle and look at the aktuelle jackpot euromillion cups poke north park hanging on the wall.
After you have carried the four boxes to the truck, there will be two boxes outside the warehouse.There will be a red circle to go into shooting practice.To get an easy Hitman rating for either the 9 mm pistol or shotgun, go to the Los Santos Police Department.A Bullet is behind the stone wall.They will shoot at you no matter what.Get that parachute and jump towards San Fierro.Buy the house in the Carlton Heights area (near the Go Kart Track).Go to any airport and hit any aircraft.He will not be able to drive off it before you reach the car to pull him out.When a vehicle drives up, enable the "Weapons (tier 3 code and plant a bomb on the car that is about to be parked.
For New Gamers, if you're new to the world of sprites and pixels, your first step is to choose a home console such as the, pS4.
You should spawn back on top with the bike, but with your parachute still deployed.
Then, hop in the car and drive.
Fling Bulldozer around in San Fierro Go to the construction yard near San Fierro.To get into the Los Santos airport without a pilots license go all the way south until you reach a tunnel.Up, Up, And Away mission Instead of going directly into the military compound and fighting the soldiers, steal a Leviathan from the Las Venturas airport.Go past the crane and turn left after the first hangar.Keep driving around until you see a Patriot.Additionally, go to the hospital in the Santa Rosa area at San Fierro.They have 9mms and nightsticks.They will comment on your looks.When you walk up to it, the door will open downward to reveal an AT-400 airliner.

Go to the Gant Bridge and fly up to the very top.