renaissance aruba resort & casino review

The Ocean Suites sleeps max 4 people, meaning 4 room keys per room.
Its a photographers dream!
You access it from a tiny little porch area next to the Starbucks on the floor below the lobby in the Renaissance Hotel.It was pretty cool, you can also call the hotel ahead of time to make sure they still have passes before you head over.So we had to, right?The reason why we request 1 room key for each person to the private island is not to overcrowd the island.I would look into getting a ticket/pass before you arrive, perhaps.Since we stayed at the hotel, we had access each day, The hotel lets other guests visit the island on a limited basis depending on how full the hotel.I could just picture it: Chilling with a bunch of pink compadres in that beautiful blue Caribbean water?One of them mentioned that there are flamingos on the beach in Aruba and I was beyond ecstatic.There is, however, a caveat.In order to access the island you have two options: You can stay at the Renaissance Hotel since its included as a hotel perk, or you can pay a 99 fee for access to the island for the day.The Marina Hotel sleeps max 2 people, meaning 2 room keys per room.But when I arrived in Aruba it turned out that there are not scores of flamingos roaming around all over the beaches, they are in just one spot a private island owned by a hotel.Sorry to read about your experience, not a RenAruba experience we want for our guests.That said, the hotel can cost as low as 150 per night and it has a pretty awesome pool winforlife verifica vincite oggi as well, so I would suggest staying there for a night if seeing the flamingos is really high on your list of must-dos in Aruba.
We have two casino's on property and a cinema, however if you want real night life with clubs, you indeed have to visit the Palm Beach area.
There were some people we met on island that had taken a tour from the ship.
There are also little huts on one of the rocky peninsulas that you can rent out for the day, which we did since my time in Aruba fell on the birthday of two of my friends and.
On our home page, youll find a few of our most popular booking destinations.You should also know that the only shade on the island is palm trees unless you seek refuge in the bar area or are one of the lucky few who rent a Bungalow.Despite your experience, we do hope to welcome you back soon.This is Palm Beach bikini by Indah, the best of both worlds, if you have the time, would be to spend a couple days at the Renaissance and a few days elsewhere that has more of a beachy feel.The balconies at the Marina Hotel are indeed small (French balconies the Ocean Suites balconies are bigger where you can sit and relax.Its somewhat close to the cruise port and the airport in Oranjestad.Renaissance Aruba Resort is a lovely option, however the only beach they have is the Renaissance Island, so theres no strolling out of your room and right onto the sand like if you stayed in Palm Beach, which I personally did.They are not native to the island, so I think of it more as a petting zoo than anything else.For me, that means I could not hang out on the island all day because I dont want to be in the sun for that many hours.Toll-Free at or send us an, email.It definitely left me wanting more!We take all the questions out of booking that special vacation and supply you with all the details you need to make your reservation a comfortable process.

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