The letter states: The continued erosion of the pilots terms and conditions over the past 10 to 15 years has to be not only stopped but reversed.
The airlines 4,200 pilots many of whom work as agency contractors are not unionised, and could face the risk of being fired for taking such action.
The letter, seen by The Guardian newspaper and circulating at Ryanair bases across Europe states: We would movimentazione quote scommesse like to advise that with immediate effect the pilot workforce at the bases airports listed below rescind the goodwill that has been extended toward the company for many.In a memo sent to pilots who had been given a month off as part of attempts to resolve problems with the holiday rota, Ryanairs chief operating officer Michael Hickey said: To avoid further cancellations we are requesting between one and two blocks of five.We are not going to take pay to work over our holidays and that is going to create a major headache for Ryanair in terms of trying to fill its schedule.Ryanair pilots reject bonus scheme 00:00:00 / 00:00:00.Has contacted Ryanair for comment).But last night it emerged that Ryanair pilots across Europe are set to refuse the cash offer in protest at the working conditions at the airline.Europe states: We would like to advise that with immediate effect the pilot workforce at the bases airports listed below rescind the goodwill that has been extended toward the company for many years, including working days off and turning up early.Those who accept the offer but leave the company before October 31 next year will not receive the bonus.The pilots have been spurred on by colleagues flying for rival European airlines, amid concern that Ryanair is leading a race to the bottom that has seen terms and conditions watered down across the industry.Pilots are expected to demand that Ryanair agree to offer them local contracts offering full employee rights under the employment law in the country where they are based.
In a letter sent to management and seen the by the BBC and other outlets a group representing staff at 17 of the companys 80 European bases told Ryanair management that the majority of workers were not impressed with the offer.
Business Journalist with the Irish Independent, John Mulligan, says pilots are also looking for improved contracts: We now have a situation where Ryanair pilots from bases all over Europe have written to management and said vendita roulette professionale we are not going to give up our holidays,.
Could be extremely long lasting both in terms of customer and shareholder confidence.
The pilots also called for professional negotiators to be called in to help broker a deal.
Ryanair pilots are not unionised meaning they risk being fired if they take action.Former pilots at the airline have also said morale is low among staff and that many want to leave.According to the letter sent to Ryanair bosses by pilot representatives, staff at the airline rejected the bonus offer and called for better working conditions.Airlines rely heavily on being able to summon pilots to work on their days off or during their holidays to minimise cancellations if colleagues call in sick or there are problems with the rota.Said the information it had offered to passengers about compensation falls woefully short.In total, about 400,000 customers will be affected.But consumer group Which?They are not in a position to fire pilots because it would exacerbate their problem, they said.This is another blow for the thousands of passengers who have already had to endure huge inconvenience as a result of this fiasco.Pilots have checked their logbooks and many have never achieved 800 flight hours in a single 12-month period ever, it says.Numerous outlets reported that a memo had been sent to pilot staff offering a bonus for them to work extra hours.The bonus offer came following a tumultuous week for the airline, after it announced that it had to cancel 50 flights a day over the next six weeks in order to facilitate staff holidays.The letter circulating at Ryanair bases across.This means they would refuse to work beyond their basic contractual obligations, which could result in more cancellations for the airline.