"I need that record" was a doc I was in w/a bunch of cats talking about why record stores were important parts of our lives.
I can't be into these guys enough, sorry for foaming like I am, sorry.
Monday, june 24, 2013 - zagreb, croatia yesterday the plan was to bail at two pm so you know what?Brother steve's been here before cuz when james first started re-learning stooges, he did it w/these guys and estrazione lotteria carpineto romano him for a gig they all did together of that material in san jose at the blank club in 2009.Time to bail and the gig people have made us plates of chow, very kind.He asks us to do "louie louie" in the key 'a' - ok, we bring.I wanna drown in marble!They said there was a request for one but I never made.His people were originally from cornwall in england so of course I immediately though of robert newton and I got him to teach about the patron saint of pirate talk the other day!It is crazy amazing stuff at the kunsthistorisches museum but damn I gotta come back and spend a couple days to see this all in a good way where I can absorb that fucking infinite mindblows in that pad, crimony!Kitap okurlar sokakta kimse ne yaplar lan bu diye bakmaz okumann ne olduunu bilirler.I really am grateful to vinny, ashley and dave who were really good cats and put much spirit into.Right close by though is a "restaurant beograd" w/serb style chow and I get that kind of salad and bean soup to go authentic wienerschnitzel yeah, to be called that it's gotta be made w/veal and not pork.Trippy, like me and.
I soak in the big tub they got here and then konk.
One and the price of this shovel is thirtytwo - yeah, I heard the cashierlady tell two ladies from japan that and both of them did big time aboutface after asking "you mean two people" and the lady said "no, one." back up in the.
At the gig there's some venison tombola salerno salami, small diameter stuff that's pretty good.
I konk on the deck in my chamber clothed, we gotta bail at nine I think and it's four am now.
I think they're trying to clean things up, I heard ostrava itself used to smell real band.
I see video cameramen too so maybe there's screens on the side of the stage?Looks pretty much like a character builder but I only glance so as to focus on what really counts, playing good for the stooges.The line to check in is huge one - I have to bring brian michael bass w/me so I can bring it to next gig (next week in seoul, korea) cuz james asked me to help and I'm glad.At the odeon) and I bow and tell her "sonkei" which is "respect" in her language.Jump Off a Cliff, kite Surf, navigate a Personal Underwater SUB.I tell him he can always count on me to follow direction, he's just gotta let me know.Several cats do - at some point the security says no to some and ig asks them loosen up, "have a sense of humor" he tells them.James being on the other side of things prolly didn't help as well but he soon got back on - it was total braille 'pert-near.